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WaweSwaps Exchange Rates

Unlock the liquidity of your assets efficiently!

Introducing Global Token (GBL), the global currency on Binance Smart Chain. With a fixed supply and distributed using WaweSwaps mechanisms, GBL follows the "halving" protocol. WaweSwaps is more than just a swapping platform; it boosts liquidity and offers a convenient solution to remove unwanted tokens from circulation. Contribute to a cleaner and more efficient cryptocurrency ecosystem while benefiting from exchanging your unused tokens. Join us and trade with GBL today!

Logo Name Symbol Token Contract GBL Price
Global Token GBL 0xC14A7747......DE6B2078E6 USDT

Trade GlobalToken (GBL) on PancakeSwap DEX

  Logo Name Symbol Token Contract Rate [Token/GBL]
  BTCB Token BTCB 0x7130d2A12......e1Ce3Ead9c 1.00 BTCB → 100,000 GBL
  ETH Token ETH 0x2170Ed088......D959F933F8 1.00 ETH → 10,000 GBL
  BNB BNB Binance Chain Native Token 1.00 BNB → 1,000 GBL
  Solana SOL 0xfA54fF1a1......bbd3aEA76e 1.00 SOL → 100.00 GBL
  GetonCoin GETON 0xEAFdb8D3......2BBb4bFb51 1.00 GETON → 100.00 GBL
  ATON EVOLUTION ATE 0xc8d9d70c1......27c451377b 1.00 ATE → 20.00 GBL
  Ripple XRP 0x1d2f0da16......6f3f6c60dbe 1.00 XRP → 10.00 GBL
  ATONReversalVoucher ARV 0xC01419523......09154F99a3 1.00 ARV → 10.00 GBL
  Cardano ADA 0x3ee2200ef......dd1d435d47 1.00 ADA → 10.00 GBL
  Polkadot DOT 0x7083609fC......Ea2C873402 1.00 DOT → 10.00 GBL
  PancakeSwap CAKE 0x0E09FaBB......3a19e81cE82 1.00 CAKE → 10.00 GBL
  Shiba Inu SHIB 0xb1547683......C10Af8a832B 1.00 SHIB → 0.01 GBL

*Exchange rates are valid from 26.06.2023.
**GBL DAO voters play a role in decision-making, regarding new listings, exchange rates and the future utilization of tokens collected in the Swapping TOKEN pool.
***Legal disclaimer: The WaweSwaps Global Team disclaim any liability for any loss or damage, directly or indirectly, arising from reliance on the information provided on this page. Authors, contributors, and publishers of content not assume responsibility for any financial or investment decisions made based on the contents of this webpage.