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three-step process

Using WaweSwaps is straightforward!

You can do it in 3 simple steps.
Compared to the complexity of the cryptocurrency ecosystem and its various usability models, the concept of WaweSwaps and the GBL token can be easily understood through three simple steps due to its straightforward nature.
WaweSwaps DAO employs a token-based membership model, leveraging an algorithm to distribute the entire GBL token supply as rewards to WaweSwaps users. The initial GBL Halving Pool has been successfully distributed.


Ensure you possess the required quantity of liquidity coin/token, GBL tokens for sale, a proportional amount of recycling tokens (specifically for Binance SmartChain swaps), and the native currency of the chosen blockchain to cover transaction GAS fees.

Connect your MetaMask Wallet


Liquidity staking empowers users to contribute GB to the Waweswaps ecosystem by staking a specific quantity of GBL tokens into a dedicated staking pool. In exchange, participants unlock privileges, allowing them to Swap and trade GBL tokens at a stable price, significantly surpassing the rates found on decentralized exchanges (DEX).
This proactive involvement enhances the overall liquidity of the platform, providing users with an active role in swapping and trading activities.

GBL Stake
Enhance the overall liquidity of the platform.

Wawe Swap

Unlock the full potential of your GBL token and let it work for you.

Wawe Swap
Harness the power of GBL token and let it work for you!