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Unlock the liquidity of your assets efficiently!

Introducing Global Token (GBL), the universal currency thriving on the Binance Smart Chain and expanding into diverse multichain environments. Governed by a fixed supply and distributed through WaweSwaps mechanisms, GBL adheres to the innovative "halving" protocol, propelling advancements in decentralized solutions. Beyond being a mere swapping platform, WaweSwaps serves to enhance liquidity and provides a streamlined solution for removing surplus tokens from circulation.
Contribute to a cleaner and more efficient cryptocurrency ecosystem while optimizing asset exchange with the efficiency of GBL tokens.

Global Token (GBL) DEX markets:

Chain Name Price Explorer Contract Wallet DEX Chart
  Global Token GBL   
  Global Token GBL  
  Global Token GBL   
  Global Token GBL

Live Tracking: WS Recycling tokens

Name Price Total Recycled Circulating Contract Wallet DEX Chart
  AirPod Token APOD 147,792,670
  Aton Evolution ATE 1,000,100.000
  AtonReversalV. ARV 8,000,0009
  CarbCoin CARB 743,100.000
  CryptoBoard CBDX 6,184,089
  CryptoCode CODE 21,000,000
  EuroGrosh eGROSH 231,011,339
  GetonCoin GETON 95,031,099
  GMAAR GMAAR 57.000,000
  GroshCoin GROSH 420,014,015
  LosCoin LOS 1,000,048
  MetaCoin META 210,000,000
  PiplCoin PIPL 261,817,527
  PronCoin PRON 69,000,000

*WaweSwaps will consistently provide an exchange rate 10 times higher than that found on the DEX market.
**GBL DAO voters play a role in decision-making, regarding new listings, exchange rates and the future utilization of tokens collected in the Recycle TOKEN pool.

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